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The business concierge with the best corporate hotel deals

First Class Traveller's team of travel specialists has scoured the globe looking for the best corporate hotel rates for you, the business customer. We know it's hard to find good corporate rates on hotels - if you aren't a mega-sized blue chip. Our decades of experience in international corporate travel will help you enjoy a first-class experience at the sort of rates usually out of the reach of most SMEs..

Our unique concierge service is dedicated to providing business travellers with the very best in global corporate hotel room rates and deals.

Most corporates, particularly those without a dedicated travel division, don't have time thoroughly to research the best deals; and even if they did they would find most websites are selling the same properties at the same rates on-line. This is because many hotel groups have a "best rate" policy hence the only people that get cheaper deals are those that negotiate directly with the hotels and book off-line: that's where we come in. Every hotel that we feature we have stayed in, so we can give it the First Class Traveller stamp of approval.

We usually have different types of property to suit your personality; be it modern or traditionalist, ultra cool or old style luxury; we will recommend hotels that not only suit your personality, but ensure that they are located in the area you are doing business.

We charge an annual membership fee as we need to operate as a private club. However, if you join and are not satisfied in any way we will give you a full no questions asked refund in your first 28 days of membership, as long as you have not made a hotel booking with our service.

Our Rates

Companies pay for a number of travellers in their organisation. For example, £ 200 + VAT allows for up to 3 named travellers per year, nontransferrable, which means that once the 3 names are used up for that year and a company wishes to add a 4th person it has to upgrade to the next level (the company is only charged the difference between the two rates). All fees are paid by standing order or on credit card:

  • Up to 3 named travellers £ 200 + vat

  • 4 to 10 named travellers £ 500 + vat

  • 11 to 20 named travellers £ 800 + vat

  • 21 to 40 named travellers £ 1,250 + vat

  • Over 40 named travellers £ 2,000 + vat


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