Efficient and cost effective business travel

Can anyone book using First Class Traveller?
We specialise in business travel and work with a range of corporate clients. However, for businesses that are registered with us, we are often asked to book leisure trips as well as corporate trips. If you are a member of First Class Traveller, we'd be happy to take care of all your travel needs.

What do I need to do to register?
To take advantage of our business concierge service you will need to register with First Class Traveller by providing us with your business details, including your company address, contact details and registration number to allow us to verify you are a corporate client. You will also need to pay an upfront fee, which is subsequently rebilled annually. Once registered simply contact our concierge desk with your travel requirements and we will do the rest for you.

How much does it cost to register?
For a promotional period when we first launch the website registration will be free of charge, we simply need to verify you are a corporate client by providing us with your business registration number. Once the initial promotion is over, registration is priced based on the number of employees you have, our joining fee covers our administrative costs and is designed to be easily recouped in savings over the period of the year:

  • Up to 3 named travellers £200 + vat
  • 4 to 10 named travellers £500 + vat
  • 11 to 20 named travellers £800 + vat
  • 21 to 40 named travellers £1,250 + vat
  • Over 40 named travellers £2,000 + vat

Do I have to pay the membership fee before you reveal your rates?
No we are happy to chat with you and discuss your requirements and rates over the phone, once you are ready to book then you can join?

Why aren’t all the rates posted online?
At First Class Traveller we secure corporate rates due to the volume of bookings we generate, these often compete with the 'best rates' offered by the hotels to leisure travellers; as such we can't always publish the rates we offer our clients. In addition, rates can change on a daily basis depending on occupancy levels, so if you are booking last minute, the rate we offer is often lower than the corporate rate we secure. If you would like to enquire about the rates for a particular hotel please call one of our friendly account managers who will be happy to confirm the price at the time of booking.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes it's a no quibble, no questions money back guarantee, if for any reason you would like to cancel your membership in the first 28 days of joining we will refund your money in full, as long as you have not made a hotel booking through us.