How it works...

First Class Traveller provides a best-in-class concierge service to business travellers across the world. We don’t just make bookings: we pride ourselves on putting together a tailored selection of hotels for clients that offers not only the best travel destinations and hotels, but also the best possible corporate rates.

Upon joining, you are assigned an account manager who takes care of all your personal business travel requirements. We operate a tiered pricing structure, allowing us to cater to any size of business and any potential level of demand. You can have as many account holders as you like: as many or as few, we tailor it to you.

Our goal at First Class Traveller is to have a full and detailed understanding of your company’s travel requirements. We take care of all of your travel needs, whether it is getting a car to the airport, booking a flight, making hotel reservations, or organising a personal driver to chauffeur you around town. We provide cost-efficient travel services allowing you to get on with the most important thing in your life: doing business.